The ScART experience is an easy to teach experience where incredible works of art emerge in an uplifting group environment

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ScART (which stands for "Scar Art") is an empowering group painting experience designed to create empowerment and self-worth. Using art as the tool, participants engage in a 3-part class, comprised of:


PART 1:  A step-by-step video-guided homework assignment that is sent to each participant before the class, offering insightful and thought-provoking activities that help each participant prepare.


PART 2:  Live Instruction painting class, lead by authorized ScART instructors.  ScART instructors will participate in an on-line certification class to offer our easy-to-follow step-by-step program.


PART 3:  Participants are given an opportunity to share insights with each other, and also optionally on-line in a national story-telling platform that celebrates each ScART participant.

Become an Authorized ScART Instructor Today!

Empower a community of survivors to help them see their scars in a beautiful, new way!

ScART Certification Price $299



The benefits of becoming a Certified ScART Instructor:

ScART is an incredible way to use your skills and talents to help others.  The average ScART class has 20 participants.  At $12 paid to you per participant, your initial investment is quickly satisfied.

  • Your name, photo and bio will appear on our "Authorized ScART Instructors" Page of our website
  • We will zip-code protect your territory so that no other ScART instructors will compete against you
  • The ScART at-home portion of the course is fully automated  
  • For in-person events, instructors are required to provide all of the supplies.
  • For ZOOM events, a ScART Home Kit will be provided to the participant. 

We manage:

  • Your custom event landing page
  • Payment Portal
  • The homework so that your involvement takes place at the Painting Event.



Guide participants as they find a new perspective

about their scars using art as the tool.

The photos below are of recent ScART participants.

  • We create the landing page and sign-up portal for each class

    We take care of all the pre-event details!

  • We provide each instructor with Step-by-Step ScART Course Training 

    ScART is free-form art with a 3 hour class pacing guide.

  • We provide each participant with thought-provoking homework assignment


  • Participants will paint one-of-a-kind pieces of art.

    ScART is about the process, not the finished product.  Participants leave with one-of-a-kind works of art.

  • We help participants share their stories - increasing your studio's social media presence

    This is unique, empowering and celebrates the community you serve!

ScART Experience Curriculum 

"The Art of Mastering Thoughts about Scars".

The ScART Experience Creates Empowerment and Self-Worth using art as the tool.

ScART Coursework Part 1

This part of the ScART Experience takes place in the privacy of the participants' homes.  We recommend that participants set aside approximately 2 hours to complete all the Part One activities.  These activities need to be completed prior to the painting event.

  • Introduction: Participants are a Unique Masterpiece

    • Welcome from Lisa McKenzie, ScART Creator

    • About ScART:  Why the program was created

    • The importance of preparing for the Painting Experience

  • Module 1:  Body Love

    • Where does it hurt?  (worksheet)

    • Introduce power of meditation 

    • Body Love Assignment 

  • Module 2:  Up Close & Personal

    • Scar Selfie & Sketch (worksheet)

    • Sample sketches

  • Module 3:  Conversation with your Scars

    • How talking to your body helps you heal 

    • Negative/Positive Scar Talk (worksheet)

  • Module 4:  The Emotions of Color

    • Color Guide
    • Emotions of Color (worksheet)

ScART Coursework Part 2 

The ScART Painting Experience:

This part of the ScART Experience takes place in the studio or at an off-site location.  We recommend 1 instructor for every 10 participants. ScART is comprised of two types of group experiences: 

  1. Groups that attend in your studio
  2. Group events off-site:  At a hospital, community center, conference or retreat.

Our team will coordinate each group experience with your team.


  • Research shows that even brief autobiographical storytelling exercises can have substantial impacts on psychological and physical health even months after the storytelling. 

ScART Coursework Part 3

We help participants tell their stories:

The ScART Experience includes a free membership into our YouCrown Sisterhood.  We have created this platform to celebrate all of the warriors in this world!


Upon completion of the Painting Experience, participants will receive an invitation to join the  YouCrown Sisterhood, where our team has created a story-telling app that will help participants write their stories.  


Story telling is essential in emotional healing.  Story telling...

  1. ...shines a light for others
  2. ...helps participants develop more courage
  3. ...helps participants remember any lessons or insights learned
  4. ...draws out participant's true character
  5. ...helps others see that being real is not only "ok" it is to be celebrated.






Sharing stories is not only a proven therapeutic technique, but it also helps others who are going through something similar.  ScaRT participants become a beacon of light for others while their light inside grows brighter.

ScART Event Timeline



    There are three types of painting experiences:

    • Zoom Virtual Class (20 maximum students on-line with 1 instructor)
    • Studio Class
    • Off-Site Class 

    We help match groups to ScART Instructors

    • We will post upcoming Zoom Classes for participants to sign up.  We will find instructors based on geographic areas.
    • When we receive a request from a ScART group, hospital, conference or retreat, we match up that group to an authorized ScART instructor.  Sometimes the group will go to a studio; sometimes they will be at a location that requires the instructor to travel to them.
  • 2)  LANDING PAGE:  After confirming the instructor, location, date and time, we create an event landing page for the group to sign up

    Some groups will be hosted (where the hospital, as an example is gifting the experience to their patients).  Other groups will have their members pay individually.  We take care of the platform and payments.

  • 3)  HOMEWORK:  Upon sign-up, students will receive their homework 

    This is a very important part of the ScART Experience.  It gives each participant the opportunity to lean into their emotional relationship with their scars - but in a very empowering way.  We prepare them mentally and emotionally before they show up to paint.


    NOTE:  Because the homework comprises a significant part of the ScART experience, there are no refunds to participants once they receive the homework.  If a class gets postponed (due to lack of students), the participant will receive a credit for future use.

  • 4)  PAINTING EVENT DAY:  We provide you with a complete instruction manual, video training and pacing guide.  We even have a Spotify playlist!  

    Each class lasts approximately 2 - 3 hours depending on how many ScARTists participate.  The last hour of the class is reserved for sharing of their paintings and insights.

  • 5)  Gallery Opportunity approximately 3 weeks after the painting event:

    In some situations, there will be a wonderful opportunity to showcase the finished artwork in a gallery exhibit.  Examples include gallery exhibits in a hospital setting.  This is an added empowerment opportunity for the ScARTists and a wonderful PR opportunity for your studio.  Our team will provide you with sample press releases, gallery invites, and suggestions of how to make the most out of this opportunity.


    The third part of the ScART Experience involves learning how to craft a story, so that participants have the confidence to share their journeys while empowering others.  


    Through encouraged hashtags and story telling, this creates SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for Painting with a Twist studios.


  • 7) PAYMENT:  Within 30 days following the event, we will mail you payment for your portion of the ScART Experience:

    Payment to the studio is $10 per participant OR $250 -- whichever is greater.  

Meet members of the ScART Corporate Team

Our experienced team comes from the world of mental and emotional health therapy, as well as art instruction.  Thank you for helping us empower women everywhere!

Lisa McKenzie

Founder of You Night Empowering Events and ScART Creator

Deborah Tonguis

ScART Program Development Director

You Night Programs Director

Tara Huguet

Administrative Manager

You Night and ScART Corporate

Lisa McKenzie is the Founder and Executive Producer of You Night Empowering Events, and creator or the ScART Program.  She is also the founder of the "We Lift You Up" fund -- a 501c3 Public Charity whose mission is to help women who are emotionally struggling after a cancer diagnosis.  Lisa founded her organization in 2013 to bring together caring members of the community to love on and empower women, and show them they are stronger than they might know after facing an adversity.  That empowerment is achieved through faith, a positive outlook and the social support of other strong women.   In 2013, Lisa was a finalist in the “BIG IDEA” – for New Orleans Entrepreneur Week.  That same year she was a finalist in the Urban League’s “Women in Business Challenge” and a $10,000 grant winner for the Salesforce Challenge.  In 2017, Lisa was awarded the InnovateHer Challenge winner for the state of Louisiana;  Lisa was featured in a national Capital One commercial viewed by millions. In 2020, Lisa was a finalist in NexStar Media's National 'Remarkable Women" Campaign.

Debbie serves in You Night’s Corporate Team as Programs Leader.  She is a 33-year veteran educator with a Bachelor of Arts in Secondary 

Education, a Master's in Student Development and a Doctorate in Teacher Leadership. She has taught at the University of New Orleans, Loyola University, Cal State Long Beach, USC and 

St. Tammany Parish Schools.  In 2009, Debbie was named the 2009 Louisiana Teacher of the Year, and was honored to represent our state at the White House, serve on committees at the National Department of Education, give key-note speeches at educator conferences and lead professional development sessions all across the country. Debbie is a published author (The Teacher as Facilitator of Global Consciousness), designs and facilitates learning and leadership programs for business and industry, non-profit charitable organizations (such as You Night!), and serves on local policy making committees advocating for teacher-led, vision-based education reform.

Tara is the Administrative Manager for You Night Events, the ScART program and the We Lift You Up fund.  Tara is a 2017 graduate of the You Night Runway Empowerment Program, and is a member of the You Night sisterhood.  Tara was diagnosed with cancer in 2006, and shares these insights:  "God’s greatest gifts appear when you least expect them, but need them the most. A horrific event I witnessed showed that strength developed throughout the cancer ordeal can carry you through most anything. The wonderful doctors, nurses and treatments enabled me to go into remission and live to see our six grandchildren. I will treasure forever the love and support showered upon me. So, cancer did more FOR me than to me. It is time to give back and be a support system for my You Night sisters and those facing this perilous journey.  You Night will give me the opportunity to “pay it forward”. I am a victor, a survivor, a better, stronger person. So thank you big “C” for making me more of the person God wants me to be."

With thanks to Painting with a Twist for the national collaboration to bring communities together in a thoughful and empowering way.

ScART is a program created by Lisa McKenzie, Founder of You Night Empowering Events -- a national sisterhood dedicated to empowering women who have been diagnosed with cancer.  For more information, and to bring a You Night Sisterhood chapter to your city, visit:   877-591-5936 x3 

There are many ways to get involved with ScART Events.  Hospitals, conferences and retreats host this program as an empowering experience for their patients or registrants.  Groups sign up to experience this together or to celebrate a loved one.  Art Instructors get certified to host events in their cities or studios. For more information, visit:  877-591-5936 x5

Frequently Asked Questions

What do we do if someone begins to emotionally struggle?

This is an important question -- and probably the most important question that we want all studios and art instructors to ask.  First, we want to emphasize how powerfully uplifting these classes are.  The atmosphere is light and the outcomes are inspiring.  However...


There are two parts to this answer:


1)  Understanding your customers:  The participants come from backgrounds where they have overcome adversities.  Some are dealing with PTSD, while others may not have even thought about their scar for years.  Individually -- and when they are at home doing their homework assignments -- this is usually the place where they will experience some of the more sensitive emotions.  The homework is intended to be thought-provoking, yet pushes participants to start thinking of their situation as a powerful, life-saving experience. Participants might even arrive to the class a bit trepidatious, because this is a new experience for them.  But once surrounded by the other warriors, you will immediately see the atmosphere shift.  There will be incredible strength in your studio, and should someone begin to feel sad emotions, other members of the class always rally to their side.  It is important for the studio artists to be aware of the various emotions that might be happening in the classroom and to just be compassionate.  USUALLY the feelings might service when a participant starts struggling with direction of how to paint their painting.  This is where we ask that the instructors step in to offer suggestions.  Things that help:

  1. Have the participant step back for a few minutes -- they might be too close to the painting and need a new perspective
  2. Turn the canvas horizontally and vertically in all directions.  Sometimes that helps pull out a vision.
  3. Have the participant walk around and look at other paintings
  4. Give the participant ideas on brush strokes or images that might be surfacing.

If a participant has started a painting that is drastic and they start looking like they are disappointed, there have been rare instances where we have tossed out the first one and asked them to start again.  Having them feel supported usually results in a much "lighter" approach the second time around.  The first time allowed them to get their anger out.


2)  Therapists on hand and disclaimer:  In our homework, we state over and over again that if the subject matter is too intense and stirs up emotions that are difficult to process, we recommend the participant reach out to a professional therapist.  ScART is a self-help, self-nurturing class and has powerful, uplifting results.  We have held classes with and without therapists on hand and have never needed to rely on professionals, because -- as stated earlier -- the participants support one another.  HOWEVER, as you get used to this format, you might want to invite a professional friend to sit in -- and leave business cards.  This is a free advertisement for this professional (which could result in them obtaining a customer).  It's also a good community service.

What do I wear?

I don't have physical scars.  Can I still participate?

Can I bring a friend/loved one for support?

Will I have the opportunity to have my ScARTwork displayed at a community event?

What if I want to maintain contact with my fellow ScARTists after the event is over?

There are a couple of opportunities to do this:

  1. Like and participate in our Facebook Page:  @ScartEvents
  2. Like and participate in our Instagram Page: @ScartEvents
  3. Join our National Sisterhood: (free membership will be offered to all ScART participants)

I have more than one scar.  Do I paint them all?

Can I draw my scars in any pattern that I want, or do I have to paint them on the canvas the same way that they look like on my body?

Will the class be all women?

Not necessarily. The staff won’t know until all spots have been filled who the participants will be. If you’d like to be in a women only class, please discuss that with a representative from the ScART team to see if your request can be arranged.

Do I have to complete all of the homework prior to the class?

Some of the homework -- such as the meditation -- is optional.  All of the worksheets are mandatory.  It is up to you how much time you spend, but taking time to finish the coursework (without being rushed) has incredible benefits.

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We Lift You Up Foundation

A portion of all proceeds from ScART Events benefit the We Lift You Up Fund -- a 501c3 public charity which creates empowering experiences for cancer survivors, with the ultimate objective of creating a national sisterhood of support.


ScART is an emotional support program created by Lisa McKenzie, Founder of You Night Empowering Events.  Founded in 2013, You Night offers year-round empowering group experiences that help women embrace life beyond cancer.