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"ScART was an exceptional event for the ladies we serve!  Everything from start to finish,

including the gallery exhibit, was expertly managed and super easy for our team! 

We plan on hosting several ScART events throughout the year."  Kelly "The Healing House"


"ScART for Caregivers exceeded all of our expectations!  I was hoping that

ScART would help our Family Advocate Employees connect with

each other and connect to our mission.  There were so many

emotions, including lots of laughter.  It was an excellent experience

Emily Keys, "Louisiana Organ Procurement Agency"

"Our patients opened up and shared like never before! They really enjoyed themselves.

This was an extremely beneficial tool to use for emotional healing.Jill "Methodist Hospital"






  • Hosting a ScART event is easy!   Select how many patients or participants you want to host.  (Sponsors love this event and often off-set the costs with their involvement):

  • Choose a location (your venue, an off-site location or a studio) -- or elect to host this virtually:


    Any venue works! You can be creative with a venue in a pretty setting, or you can pick a community center or meeting room. What you want to consider when selecting the venue:

    • The room needs to be large enough to have multiple tables and chairs.
    • The room should have a sound system to play music.
    • The room should have a microphone.
    • There is a possibility that paint could get on the floor (rare possibility, but it happens). Non-carpeted venues are preferred.
    • Consider a venue with ample parking.



    • Guests will join via Zoom
    • A complete ScART kit will be shipped to each participant's home.  This is a fun item to receive and includes everything necessary for the ScART event including our thought-provoking homework assignments to prepare them for the Zoom class; Canvas, 7 different paint colors; paint brushes; a painter's smock and some other goodies.
    • We recommend that all sign ups occur at least 10 days prior to the class so that we can ship the kits with ample time for guests to receive them via USPS.
    • ALL of this is covered in your cost.
  • Choose a date:

    Sunday afternoons are a popular choice from 1-4 p.m. but choose any date that you think works best.

    If this is an in-person event, the class is 3 hours, requiring approximately 2 hours to set-up and one hour to tear down and clean up.

  • We'll send you a complete easy to follow checklist of the things you need to do on your end:

    1. Suggested Room Set-Up (if you are hosting at your venue or at an off-site location). Room set-up includes tables, chairs, check-in desk, optional food/drink area, etc. If you are hosting at a Painting with a Twist studio, you will not have to worry about set-up. 
    2. Suggested volunteer task list (minimal effort for them, but we will need their help)
    3. Info on how to engage a sponsor 
    4. Fun ideas to maximize this event, such as:  A gallery exhibit in your hospital lobby;  Sample Press Releases, etc.
  • When you contract with us, we take care of all of these things:

    1. Custom Landing Page: We create a customized landing page / sign up page that is easy for your participants to navigate.  SAMPLE LANDING PAGE:
    2. Custom Invite to email or hand out to potential participants. We will provide a digital version. Printing and inviting is the host responsibility.
    3. Your logos and message: We will include any logos of the hosts that are sponsoring, and any special wording you want included.
    4. Daily updates on sign ups: We will provide the host with updates on a live Google Spreadsheet to give up-to-the minute progress of who has signed up
    5. Welcome Video Message after sign up: Guests will receive a welcome video message from the ScART founder upon signing up (with video homework instructions).
    6. Set-up: Our certified ScART instructor will be responsible for set-up, which occurs 2 hours prior to the class. We request approximately 5 volunteers to help with set-up, class tasks and tear-down. Service hours can be obtained if students attend.
    7. Supplies: We provide all supplies: Paint, Canvas, Paint Brushes
    8. We provide sample gallery invites and a sample press release.
  • Get started today!

    Call our office if you have questions at 877-591-5936 x5 or submit the form below.


SAMPLE HOSPITAL INVITE (We create for you!)

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We Lift You Up Foundation

A portion of all proceeds from ScART Events benefit the We Lift You Up Fund -- a 501c3 public charity which creates empowering experiences for cancer survivors, with the ultimate objective of creating a national sisterhood of support.


ScART is an emotional support program created by Lisa McKenzie, Founder of You Night Empowering Events.  Founded in 2013, You Night offers year-round empowering group experiences that help women embrace life beyond cancer.