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ScART Private Group Experiences

ScART Private Group Experiences are perfect for small groups who want to book studio time together for an incredible opportunity to learn together and share each other's triumphs and strengths.  Classes are usually held in a studio, but off-site classes can be booked (for instance at a special venue, etc.).  Private Group Experiences start at $55/person and must have a minimum of 10 persons signed up.


ScART Group Experiences are the perfect way to be "real" with your friends or support tribes.  Our programs have been designed to bring people together to have meaningful experiences in a loving, supportive environment where each participant "lifts up" the others up.  Courage is contagious.  ScART events have been proven to reduce stress and anxiety, and to allow participants to find peace through the process.

ScART groups can be:

  • Cancer Survivor Support Groups
  • War Veterans
  • Couples and Families
  • Heart Surgery Patients
  • Anyone who has wounds where they desire to emotionally heal from them


There are heroes everywhere we look.  Schedule a HERO party to celebrate their milestones and honor them for all they have braved and overcome.

ScART Group Experiences are a wonderful way to learn, share and grow!

Classes start at $55/person based on a 10-person minimum.

Please tell us a little about your group.

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We Lift You Up Foundation

A portion of all proceeds from ScART Events benefit the We Lift You Up Fund -- a 501c3 public charity which creates empowering experiences for cancer survivors, with the ultimate objective of creating a national sisterhood of support.


ScART is an emotional support program created by Lisa McKenzie, Founder of You Night Empowering Events.  Founded in 2013, You Night offers year-round empowering group experiences that help women embrace life beyond cancer.