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“We all have scars...only some of us wear ours on the inside. They don’t change who we are, only who we might have been." 

(from the book "Scars" by Lynley Wayne)



Now, more than ever, the world needs uplifting and supportive programs to help people have strong emotional health.  Just like incorporating yoga or meditation into a well-balanced life, support programs that encourage you to tap into pain points are extremely beneficial.  Uncovering suppressed feelings is an important part of growth, if channeled properly.  The ScART program brings together a community of survivors who feed off each other's strengths and celebrate each person's stories of survival. Some people are proud of their scars and wear them like a badge of honor, while others hide (or try to hide) their scars because of the shame they feel.  Despite the fact that millions of people have scars, many individuals go to great lengths to cover up scars with make-up or clothing. They hide their scars from loved ones, and they have trouble looking at their scars in the mirror.  Social support is tied to better health outcomes and ScART empowers participants to support each other so that as individuals they can see their scars a symbol of strength and the body's remarkable ability to heal itself and renew.



Who we serve:  ScART is a program designed for anyone who has scars (seen or unseen). Participants include (but are not limited to) cancer survivors, open heart surgery survivors, organ donor recipients, veterans of war, and athletes (to name a few).  Scars come from surgeries, radiation therapy, accidents and emotional wounds.  Participants desiring self-acceptance, gratitude, peace and joy find the ScART experience to be emotionally beneficial. 


(Note:  ScART is not intended to replace traditional mental health services. Should you find that this project stirs emotions which require professional help, please reach out to a mental health advisor in your area.  View our "resources" page for additional ways to cope). 



Women who are involved in socially active support groups have better health outcomes.

Social ties influence health behavior, and may influence health habits that, in turn, affect physical health and mortality.  Mental health is a pivotal mechanism that shapes physical health."  -- National Institute of Health

Who we are;  About our Organization

Pictured above:  ScART Creator Lisa McKenzie and cancer survivor team leaders of You Night Empowering Events and the "We Lift You Up" fund, dedicated to helping women embrace life beyond cancer.





Lisa McKenzie is the Founder of You Night Empowering Events -- a program dedicated to the emotional well-being of women who have had cancer.  ScART is one of the many programs that You Night incorporates to cultivate a national sisterhood of survivors who share empowering group experiences. 


Using the guidance of social workers, oncologists, art therapists and psychotherapists, Lisa McKenzie developed the ScART program to bring survivors together in communities across the country.  Emotional health programs are an underserved area of survivorship programs.  ScART is one solution that facilitates emotional growth.  "Participants in our programs have incredible stories that are both inspirational and informative,” said McKenzie. “ScART creates a national platform to bring survivorship issues to the foreground, making it easier for survivors to share their stories."




A portion of all ScART event proceeds benefit the "We Lift You Up" fund -- a public charity dedicated to emotional healing for women diagnosed with cancer.  EIN 82-4444545




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We Lift You Up Foundation

A portion of all proceeds from ScART Events benefit the We Lift You Up Fund -- a 501c3 public charity which creates empowering experiences for cancer survivors, with the ultimate objective of creating a national sisterhood of support.


ScART is an emotional support program created by Lisa McKenzie, Founder of You Night Empowering Events.  Founded in 2013, You Night offers year-round empowering group experiences that help women embrace life beyond cancer.